Located 15 minutes south of downtown Dallas, Wildrose Kennels Texas offers exposure to a variety of game, including ducks, quail, and pheasant, in the most realistic hunting environments possible to meet our clients' expectations. 

Boarding Facility

Dogs are housed under an open air roof that protects from rain and sun but will keep them acclimated to the outdoor environment. State-of-the art and concrete sealed for maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

Training Facility

With access to the 750-acre Dallas Hunting and Fishing Club, our training facility consists of mowed fields, cover fields, agility course, and a 5.5 acre training lake, a 200 acre duck marsh and many more scenarios. 

Healthcare Center

The healthcare facility provides an isolation kennel, examination room, bathing facilities and proper equipment for maintaining complete health documentation for all dogs in our care.

Facilities Address: 2880 Dowdy Ferry Road, Dallas Tx 75217